Become a SQUADX ambassador

Become a SHOPX ambassador in three easy steps. Earn Ethereum as you work to elevate and expand the Freedom Economy.


Lock up license tokens to start earning for your work. When a SHOPX Pass is sold, you’ll earn Ethereum from the sale.

Mint your NFT ambassador badge

After you secure your employment by staking, share your new position with your network. Receive perks in the SHOPX ecosystem and feel free to add your position to Linkedin.

Spread the word

The Freedom Economy relies on innovators like you to help people break away from financial tyranny. Spread the word about the next SHOPX NFT mint, and you can earn ETH as SquadX grows!

Ambassador Perks

Inside info

Get information about upcoming announcements and project developments ahead of the general public.

Special Discord access

Be a part of token-gated discord channels and develop relationships with likeminded individuals.

Unique events

Get access to special events and trainings from our team of industry leaders and freedom fighters.

Swag and more

Help us advance the movement and get rewarded with SHOPX's decentralized currency, company swag, and more.

Work together

We want to be more than your favorite project—we want to be your partner. Join SquadX to elevate all your favorite brands.

Brand Promotion

Get access to our network of 6,000 (and counting) like-minded, freedom-focused ambassadors.

Grow with the squad

Be rewarded for your work as an ambassador in Ethereum. When a NFT gets minted on our platform, a percentage of the earnings from that sale will be added to the staking pool.

Once you have earned Ethereum, withdraw your earnings at any time. Just cover the gas fees per withdraw and enjoy.

Ethereum rewards

Be rewarded for your work as an employee in Ethereum. When a NFT gets minted on our platform, a percentage of the earnings from that sale will be added to the staking pool.

Withdraw your earnings anytime

When you earn Ethereum, withdraw your pay check at any time. You just have to pay the gas fees per withdraw.


Mint your SquadX badge

Let people know you’re part of the squad by sharing your NFT. After you’ve verified your status by staking 10,000 or more SHOPX tokens, mint your badge.

Ambassador NFT badge

Enjoy the benefits of your new employment like special Discord server access and access to ShopX swag.

Profile picture

Flex your new employment online. Make it your profile picture in your social media platforms and let the world know you’re part of the squad.

Spread the word and be rewarded

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